Social  Content creation channel management for a variety of industries including entertainment, athletes, fashion, automotive, fitness, health and beauty.  We find the voice of your target audience while communicating and engaging with them to build and grow your brands message and online community.


Creative  Work with creative professionals that specialize in graphics, photography, or videography to develop your brand and tell your story! We also create dynamic email campaigns that engage subscribers and that are cost effective to brand awareness and sales. 

Management  Political - Event -  Negotiating contracts and fees, finding and booking events and venues that matches the clients strategy, publicity and promotion, oversees marketing campaigns for the client ensuring they are effective and executed in line the clients goals, and media relations.


Marketing Strategy  Collaborate with clients to develop a plan or improve their current strategy that combines its marketing goals into one, easy plan. Creating strategic campaigns that are targeted to specific demographics to help brand awareness and growth over the course of the campaigns.