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ROLE: Creative Director, Project Lead

TACKMA + OATW Brand Collaboration leads to 90% online sell-through in 24 hours

  • Deliver consumer-centric marketing strategies.

  • A critical resource for all company-wide communications and liaison on logistical inquiries.

  • Led the highly successful TACKMA + OATW brand collaboration including contract negotiations, creative direction, co-collaboration on marketing, and go to market strategy for product launch. Leading to 90% online sell-through in 24 hours.

  • Oversaw digital marketing team using Shopify e-commerce platform, Mailchimp email marketing campaigns to generate and drive sales.

  • Increased online sales 521% with social media traffic representing over 15% of those sales.

  • Implementation and execution of influencer outreach programs.

Result: 90% online sell-through in 24 hours

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