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ROLE: Marketing/PR Manager, Project Manager

Fresh, Powerful, Action-Oriented Marketing Strategy Brings New Life to Cincinnati’s premier sneaker and clothing boutique

  • Creation of multi-level email drip campaigns, including welcome flow, dynamic flow, and follow up review copy on the Klaviyo platform, integrated with Shopify.

  • Revised strategic marketing plan, development, and execution of creative campaign concepts and communication that are fresh, powerful, and action-oriented. Including internal and external communications for brands and the consumer.

  • Dramatically reducing expenses by utilizing cost-effective outside resources and repurposing existing designs.

  • Point person for PR and community-facing launches and collaborations, including the 'Money Ball' collaboration with Spalding All-Star Weekend, 2019.

  • Curate and ideate create content for social channels, digital media, and content strategies.

  • Management of email marketing platform. Organizing creative, copy, and delivery to nearly 20k subscribers.

  • Leveraging relationships to curate and activate experiences with an organic feel, for brands and specific launches. Nike, Jordan, Spalding, MLB Opening Day, All-Star Game

  • Creation of marketing communications, brand-specific reports tracking sales, and delivery of inventory (Nike, Jordan, Adidas, etc.).

  • Survey and data collection of diverse consumer groups to gather quantitative data to be presented to specific brands to show consumer outcomes and trends.

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