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Do You Need to Take Your Business to New Heights by Identifying Your Target Demographic?

This course will give you the tools to scale your business and find the right target market and customer for your product.

In this step-by-step online learning experience, you’ll be guided by an expert marketer and brand strategist learning the essentials of finding your brands perfect customer. 


With the help of little market knowledge and in-depth research, you'll be able to find the ideal customer and target audience for your new product idea!

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The Dreaded Entrepreneur Catch – 22 

The most significant predicament every entrepreneur faces (that keeps them stuck and halts their growth) is this:

"You need a product that targets your ideal customer, and you need to find that ideal customer before that need vanishes!"

Sound familiar? If you’ve been thinking about launching your product, then you've likely found yourself battling this dreaded catch - 22.

Or, even if you have the ideal product, how can you be sure if you're targeting the right people?


Or, maybe you lack confidence in your work and have no idea if you’ve followed the right steps to identify your market?

This is where we step in to help you step up and Identify your Target Audience and Ideal Customer!

Identify and Target Your Ideal Customer Course eBook

This eBook has everything you’ll ever need to identify your target audience and customer. Packed with knowledge, this book offers in-depth research methods and foolproof strategies to find the right person for your product.  

Brand Discovery Guide

The brand discovery guide teaches you how to identify what your brand stands for? It takes you on a journey towards aligning your business goals with a brand strategy to gain maximum long-term benefits.

Clean Out your Gmail ASAP Guide

Our Gmail accounts are often stuffed with unnecessary emails. To achieve more, you need to declutter your email so that we can start on the journey towards success.

Target Market Course Workbook

The target market workbook helps you ensure whether you have followed all the necessary steps to arrive at your ideal market and customer. This book is to be used before drawing a final conclusion because it acts as a fail-safe in case you missed anything important.

DM to Drive Traffic eBook

This deliverable is all about teaching you techniques that drive more traffic to your page directly from your DMs, email, tweets, or any other communication channel your customer may be using. 

+ Post Course Assessment

We don't sell you the course and leave you hanging. Instead, we offer a post-course assessment that helps you identify where you stand.


Image by Ben Dutton


Multimedia Marketing Agency


In the beginning, I was lost, trying to sell to everyone! After this course, I learned exactly who my audience is. Now we're saving time and energy on our marketing  campaigns. 

Image by Brian Babb


Real Estate Industry


I  never realized how much time and money I could save my simply knowing who I'm selling to. This course showed me how to work my audience to drive leads and sales. 

Image by Marcos Paulo Prado


Business Consultant 


This is amazing, I couldn't believe how comprehensive it was. I'd buy it again if I could. 

The value of this marketing bundle including the bonuses is over $999!

But since we're releasing it online for the first time, we've decided to give you a massive discount in exchange for honest feedback.

You won’t pay $999, $499 or even $99.

You’re about to discover the best Target Audience and Customer Identifier Course that will help your brand get a foot in the RIGHT door!’ll only pay for the lifetime access of this bundle for once $11.11!

This one-time investment in yourself will provide the tools for a winning marketing strategy. Plus,  your business will be happy you did too!!

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